Serving Local European Vehicle Owners IN MELBOURNE, FL SINCE 2007

Owners of European vehicle brands such as Audi, Porsche, and BMW are a unique type of driver. For these sophisticated owners, it’s not just about getting from point A to point B — it’s about the experience in between. It’s about the way you feel when you first see your vehicle as the day begins – excited, empowered, and ready for anything. The moment you hear your car’s engine roar to life, you know the trip doesn’t have to be just another grocery run, it can be your own personal race. Melbourne, FL European car owners demand quality, performance, and luxury from their vehicles — why should you expect anything less from your mechanic?

Owners and Enthusiasts

When your vehicle is an extension of your personality you can’t trust just any mechanic to service it, you want an expert. Your local dealership may seem like the logical choice when your European car needs repair, but we beg to question if the person working on your car is simply a mechanic or true European car enthusiast that lives and breathes European vehicles. Why pay the high dealership rates to have your vehicle serviced when you can have it repaired for a fraction of the cost by someone who gets you and your car? You want an owner and an enthusiast, someone who is passionate about making your vehicle perform. That’s why locals have been choosing Melbourne Motorsports since 2007—we understand and share your passion.


Your Space Coast Resource

We love all things European vehicles and it’s probably not surprising to hear that we have owned our fair share of makes and models over the years. Our passion for performance and excellence has led to countless builds, restorations, and most importantly, relationships along the way. We truly understand what you expect from your mechanic because we share the same passion for the best driving experience possible both on the road and on the track.

What To Expect

When you work with us, expect the best. Regardless of the job, we hold ourselves to the highest standards every time you leave your keys with us. We are dedicated to helping you achieve your own unique goals – from general maintenance and upkeep to pure performance – we’re here to help.

You can expect us to be honest. We explain all of the findings from vehicle inspections and suggest a recommended course of action ahead of time to let you make the decision on what’s best for you. We never suggest services that aren’t needed, and there is never any hard sell or technical jargon. Our goal is to provide you with the level of service that exceeds your favorite European car dealership at a fraction of the price.

Melbourne Motorsports - European Vehicle Specialists

When it’s time to have your European vehicle serviced, repaired, or modified, you can count on Melbourne Motorsports to get the job done right the first time. Our decades of experience and countless hours spent working on all makes and models of European brands is unrivaled in our area. We understand the level of service you’re looking for and share your passion for driving. Give us a shot for your next service and experience a whole new level of automotive excellence at Melbourne Motorsports.
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