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Maserati - The Pinnacle of Performance

Founded by the four Maserati Brothers in 1914, the brand has been recognized as a symbol of motoring excellence ever since — even with the brand’s ups and downs over the years. Maserati owners all share the same vision and passion for cars that the founders exhibited over 100 years ago. With amazing achievements on both the road and the track, the Maserati driving experience is exclusive and unparalleled.

Maserati themselves acknowledge that the brand has had its fair share of challenges over the years. However, unlike other luxury brands on the market today, Maserati accepts the issues they have faced, making the brand that much more authentic. Maserati feels that these challenging times helped define the brand’s personality and character.

This character is embodied in the Trident logo Maserati displays on every vehicle that rolls off the line today. This trident symbol has been on every road vehicle and track car since 1920 when Mario Maserati – the only brother not directly involved in the day to day operations of the company – was commissioned to design the company’s emblem. Inspired by Bologna’s Fountain of Neptune and the city’s distinct red and blue banner, the Maserati Trident was born.

It’s these details – the emblem’s history, the distinct design of the grille, the F1 pedigree, and the desire to evolve with the times without losing what is important to the brand – that makes Maserati the perfect choice for discerning motorists.


Maserati Repair & Service

There is no denying that every model from Maserati is beautifully crafted. High-performance thrills do come with a cost, however, and it’s important to complete scheduled maintenance and repairs on your Maserati to ensure it is always ready to deliver the best drive possible.

Maserati recommends completing fully synthetic oil changes every 12,500 miles (or annually) to ensure that the engine is properly protected. This service includes changing the oil filter as well. It is also recommended to replace the spark plugs every 37,500 miles or three years, whichever comes first. At 50,000 miles (or every four years) you can expect a major service that includes an oil and filter change, a pollen filter change, and all accessory belts being changed as well.

Space Coast Dealership Alternative

Although Maserati ownership is exclusive, there is no reason to pay high dealership rates to have your vehicle regularly serviced. With the closest service centers hours away in Central or South Florida, finding a trusted, local shop to service your Maserati makes perfect sense for an owner who lives on the Space Coast.

Melbourne Motorsports is your trusted local resource — we have the training, technology, and experience to provide the best service for your special vehicle. Protect your investment and the brand’s rich heritage by working with a local shop that truly cares about your experience and how well your vehicle functions. We can help your Maserati maintain peak performance for many years to come!

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