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A Popular Upgrade

Many European Brands such as BMW, Mercedes, and Audi are built for performance.  This means when they come from the factory their engines are already producing a high amount of horsepower which can lead to incredibly fast acceleration and top speeds.  Even though these vehicles already have amazing performance, oftentimes owners want just a little more from the driving experience, but are hesitant to modify the engine or other components such as forced induction systems.  A performance exhaust system could be the perfect solution to this problem.

Performance exhaust systems are poplar upgrades for European vehicles because this one relatively simple upgrade impacts three main areas: performance, aesthetics, and driving experience.  

Large Performance Gains

As mentioned previously, many European vehicles come from the factory with high horsepower and even factory forced induction systems. The exhaust plays a key role in how this horsepower is delivered, and it is often the case a factory exhaust is overly restrictive. Manufacturers may overly restrict an exhaust system so the car meets emission standards in all of the markets it is sold in. For example, BMW has to ensure it’s M3 can pass incredibly high standards for California’s laws that are non-existent in Florida. It’s more cost efficient for the manufacturer to develop one exhaust system than develop unique systems for each market’s laws. The end result of this is a a stock system that is restricting your engine’s full potential.

When you replace your factory system with an aftermarket performance exhaust system you’re allowing your engine to breath as it should, immediately increasing your performance.  Many vehicles will see a dramatic increase in both horsepower and torque numbers because your engine can now remove exhaust from the system faster.  This faster removal allows for better and quicker combustion in your engine, which is why you see these performance gains.  Additionally, aftermarket exhaust systems are generally lighter than stock systems, saving you weight which translates into better handling and overall performance.


Performance Exhausts Look Great

Performance is important, but another benefit of an aftermarket exhaust system is how it looks.  Many stock systems are big, bulky, and completely devoid of any real styling.  Most aftermarket system are designed to be the perfect fit and look for your vehicle.  There are many options for finishes of the most visible areas like chrome and even carbon fiber.  No matter what look you are going for, there is an aftermakret system that will look amazing on your vehicle.

Unbeatable Sound

Let’s pretend for a moment an aftermarket exhaust system would not increase your performance or looks at all.  Why else would you possibly want to upgrade from your stock system?  The answer is simple – the sound!   Performance exhaust systems are tuned perfectly to match your vehicle.  When you rev your engine the tuned exhausted note followed by the low rumble as the RPMs drop is so perfect, it will make your your hair stand on end.  There is nothing better than opening your throttle and hearing your exhaust scream as you fly down a perfectly paved strait-away. 

Your Space Coast Resource

Melbourne Motorsports has been helping Space Coast locals pick the best performance exhaust system for their vehicle for over a decade.  We know the ins and outs of all of the brands, and how they pair with your specific make and model.  When you’re ready to upgrade you performance, looks, and driving experience with a performance exhaust, contact Melbourne Motorsports!

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