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Volkswagen owners know that quality German engineering, performance, and reliability all come standard on every single VW model. Although these driver-focused cars offer unmatched fun and excitement when you’re behind the wheel, they are also incredibly practical daily drivers. For a savvy owner looking for an incredible value without sacrificing amenities, a VW is a perfect choice.

Volkswagen directly translates from German to “People’s Car”. This moniker could not be more accurate, as the company truly takes a people-first approach with every model they create. When compared with other European automotive brands, VW is incredibly affordable for the features that they offer and, if properly maintained, can last you a lifetime.

Even though Volkswagen vehicles are incredibly durable and well built, they do require regular general maintenance to keep them running at peak performance. As an owner who knows that your vehicle will likely last decades if it is properly maintained, it’s important to make the right choice on who to allow to service your VW.


Even though VW vehicles are packed with amazing features, technology, and performance, they do not require much in the way of maintenance when compared with other European automotive brands.

As with all vehicles, you should ensure that your oil is being changed on schedule (10,000 miles or once per calendar year), fluid levels are periodically checked, and any warning lights or other indicators of a problem (such as reduced performance or odd noises) are addressed right away. If you take care of all of the basics, your VW will last you for many years to come!

VW Repair Specialists


Since VW vehicles such as the Golf come stock with amazing performance and reliability, they are a top option among enthusiasts when it comes to performance modifications. Upgrades such as engine-tuning, turbos, exhausts, and improved suspension are commonly installed on Volkswagen vehicles. It’s incredibly important to work with a facility that understands VW and the various performance upgrades that are available. If you do not work with a trusted facility, you put the longevity of your vehicle at risk and sacrifice one of the main reasons why they are such a great platform to work with in the first place.


At Melbourne Motorsports, we believe in offering amazing service at affordable rates. There is no reason to pay high dealership prices when our experienced ASE Certified Master Technicians can help maintain and repair your VW just as well as the dealership at a fraction of cost.

Melbourne Motorsports is incredibly experienced with upgrading VW vehicles in all aspects, from performance tunes to bolt-on components. No matter what you want to improve on your VW, we can help! Melbourne Motorsports has been trusted by Space Coast residents for over a decade with their Volkswagen vehicles.

Make sure to protect your incredible investment with service and experience that you can trust!

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