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European Car Tuning

The term “car tuning” has come to have many meanings over the years. For European vehicle owners, it’s all about the drive you experience whenever you set off in your Audi, Porsche, BMW, or other European-brand vehicles. Since owners use their vehicles for many different activities, from getting the weekly groceries to a hardcore track day, it’s no wonder that the term can be interpreted in so many ways.

That’s the real beauty of car tuning, it doesn’t need to mean the same thing to everyone. In our opinion, this is why tuning vehicles is so much fun; it allows owners to put their own mark on the industry by being creative and building a vehicle that suits their specific needs.

What is Car Tuning, Really?

Generally speaking, car tuning refers to the various performance enhancements that can be completed on a vehicle. Typically, this excludes non-performance-related aesthetics like vehicle wraps and other upgrades such as audio systems. Car tuning refers to the enhancement of the following main systems:

The end goal of upgrading the components of the above systems is to get better performance from your vehicle, resulting in increased horsepower, torque, top-end speed, and maneuverability. The specific setup may be very different depending on needs. For example, the suspension and brakes for a drag racing setup are different from the setup of a vehicle intended for rallycross.


Why Tune a European Vehicle

European vehicles are excellent options when picking a platform to tune. From bulletproof engines like the Audi S-series to the BMW E46 or the nimble mid-engine handling of a Porsche Boxster, there is almost certainly a stock car that is already close to what you’re looking for. When you start with a platform that is already intended for amazing performance, your modifications can go much further.

Because European brands are such popular choices for tuning, there is an abundance of aftermarket parts available. In some cases, it’s even possible to use OEM parts from higher-end models to modify a vehicle. This type of tuning provides excellent performance upgrades at a fraction of the cost of purchasing a new, higher trim level car.

Leave Your Mark

Many European vehicle owners are car enthusiasts and want their car to stick out from the crowd. Performance tuning is an excellent way to accomplish this goal. Whether your tuning is something as simple as changing to a new cold air intake and cat-back exhaust, or something more complex like a forced induction and fuel management system, these modifications make your vehicle feel truly unique.

Your Space Coast Resource for Automotive Tuning

Melbourne Motorsports has been tuning European vehicles on the Space Coast for over a decade. There is no modification too large or small for our shop to handle. As with all services we provide, you can rest assured that any performance tuning on your vehicle will be completed by trained and certified professionals, and done right the first time. Contact us to learn more about how we can help tune your vehicle!

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