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European vehicles are known for their luxury and seemingly endless list of options that are available.  Brands likes Audi, BMW, and Mercedes are actually very well known for being ahead of the curve in the automotive industry.  Options that once seemed futuristic like radar guided steering and keyless entry are now common  on other import and domestic vehicles today.

Generally speaking, a European vehicle will last you years if you properly maintain it.  But, much like now models of smartphones, each year new features and advancements are released that consumers want.  This leaves owners with a tough choice – keeping a perfectly reliable and beautiful vehicle that is paid off or has low payments, or trade it in and potentially lose money to have a newer model that may even look the same, but has some new creature comforts as standard options.  Luckily, there is now a third option – convenience upgrades!

Common Types of Convenience Upgrades

There are several types of convenience upgrades you can purchase for your vehicle. Depending on the make, model, and age of your vehicle, these upgrades may vary.  For more modern European vehicles that may be 5-8 years old, here are some common additions that will make every ride more enjoyable:

  • Heads Up Display.  This upgrade is simple to install and actually makes use of your existing smartphone.  The unit sits on your dash just above your steering wheel.  You can then place your smartphone in the designated space, and display maps, speed, and more right on your windshield!  This enhances safety and makes your late model European vehicle much like a brand new model!
  • Touch Activated and Proximity Door Locks.  If you are ever in a hurry and keeps your car keys in a purse or bag, it can be a hassle to dig them out to manually or remotely unlock your doors.  A touch activated or proximity doors lock upgrade solves this problem.  As long as your key fob is on you, you simply need to touch your door or stand near it, and it unlocks automatically.
  • Heated and Cooled Seats. Many new European brands now offer heated and air cooled seats as a standard option.  This feature allows you to be more comfortable in any temperature much faster than waiting for your engine to warm up, or your AC to cool down.  This simple and cost effective upgrade is easy to implement! 
  • Push Button Start. Almost all vehicles produced today have a push button start as standard equipment .  It eliminates the noise and nuisance of keys in your ignition, and gives you vehicle a much more modern looking interior. 


Classic Vehicle Convenience Upgrades

There are few things we love more than a classic European vehicle.  Driving them is unlike any other experience around; you feel completely connected to the road in an analog way.  That said, if you drive your classic vehicle on a regular basis, some of the more basic creature comforts are noticeably absent.  There are several convenience upgrades you can install on your classic vehicle that will not impact your driving experience, but will make every ride that much more enjoyable.  A few of the most popular upgrades are:

  • Electric Door Locks. Protecting your classic car is important, and if you are used to using a key fob to lock your doors on your everyday driver, you may forget to manually lock your doors on your classic vehicle.  Electric doors locks work with your stock locking mechanism so everything looks factory original, but you have the convenience of locking your doors remotely.
  • Power Windows. Much like electric door locks, power windows are an upgrade that largely goes unnoticed but is a massive improvement over old, crank style windows.
  • Mirror Upgrades.  Safety is very important in a classic vehicle as many lack every standard items like airbags.  Upgrading your mirrors is an excellent way to improve visibility and even add a backup camera to your vehicle.  Auto dimming rearview mirrors are a popular option for improved visibility at night – a feature that is standard today on most modern European makes and models. 

Your Space Coast Resource

No matter if you are looking to add the newest features to your late model vehicle, or simply want to add some basic options to your classic, Melbourne Motorsports is here to help.  We have been working with European vehicle owners on the Space Coast for over a decade.  When you decide its time to add some convenience upgrades to improve your comfort, contact Melbourne Motorsports!

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