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Ferrari - Only those who dare, truly live

Simply put, Ferrari is the standard for automotive excellence. Ferrari is a world-renowned Italian car brand best known for adapting its racing technology on the streets. They’re famous for their driving pleasure, style, and performance.  Their F1 team dominated the circuit for years, and the brand has produced some of the most amazing drivers and vehicles ever in the history of motorsport.

Ferrari has a long history of producing amazing road cars known for their distinct styling, amazing handling, and high-performance drivetrains.  As with and supercar brand that has been around as long as Ferrari, there have been significant advancements in technology over recent years.  Even when you compare models like the F360, F430, and 488, there are major differences in how to properly maintain and repair them.

Owning a Ferrari of any kind is a lifelong dream for many people – a dream that is often never achieved.  The brand comes with a pretty hefty price tag, that is increasing every single day.  This is why finding a local, trusted resource to maintain and repair your Ferrari is very important.  Melbourne Motorsport is your trusted Space Coast Ferrari dealer alternative!


Ferrari Maintenance & Repair

Our ASE-certified, expert technicians work with you to help ensure you stay on the rigorous Ferrari service routine. When you own a supercar, you have to ensure you follow all recommended services.  This is because the engines are tuned for maximum performance. Different Ferrari models will have maintenance plans.  However, a typical Ferrari maintenance schedule looks similar.

Ferrari Repair & Service: One Year of Ownership

During the first year of ownership, the following services are completed:

  • Engine oil and oil filter are replaced
  • Brake fluid is flushed
  • Calipers are bled
  • Air cabin filter is replaced
  • Gear oil and hydraulic fluid are checked
  • Other fluids are topped off as needed

The entire vehicle is given a once-over for leaks and other routine issues. All of your indicator lights are checked, and a visual inspection of the brake pads and discs will be completed. Suspension components are also checked visually, and finally your Ferrari will be road tested to ensure everything is in good working order.

Ferrari Repair & Service: Year Two of Ownership

The second year of ownership repeats all of year one’s checks in addition to the following:

  •  auxiliary belt replacement,
  • engine inspection
  • checking the tightness of gearbox mounting fasteners.

Ferrari Service: Year Four of Ownership

At the four year mark, you will repeat of all second-year checks, plus the following:

  • replacement of spark plugs
  • another auxiliary belt replacement.

Typically, this maintenance schedule will need to be repeated for the life of the vehicle. Annual or even seasonal inspections (depending. on how much you drive your Ferrari) in addition to a given Ferrari’s maintenance schedule are also highly recommended.

It’s important to note that service intervals will vary depending on miles driven as well. Additionally, some models require additional maintenance procedures; for instance, the F355 generally requires engine-out service every five years.  Because these services vary greatly, make sure to work with a trusted repair shop to avoid future issues with your Ferrari.

Ferrari Repair

Our highly trained techs make sure that all repairs are properly performed, no matter how small or large the job. Melbourne Motorsports has the experience and knowledge required to provide the repairs you need with quality that you expect without high dealership pricing. Some of the more common Ferrari repairs we complete are:

  • Brake Service and Repair
  • Transmission Service & Repair
  • Check Engine Light
  • Diagnostics
  • Oil Changes
  • Suspension Service and Repair
  • Performance Tuning and Parts
  • Engine Service & Repair
  • Differential Service & Repair
  • Diagnostics and Electrical
  • View All Services

No matter what you need serviced, repaired, on enhanced on your Ferrari, we can help!

Space Coast Dealership Alternative

The team at Melbourne Motorsports are Ferrari experts. As a true dealership alternative, our ASE Certified Master Technicians can save you time, money, and the headaches associated with owning a classic – or modern – Ferrari. Our service and repair experts ensure you’re focused on the amazing driving experience by keeping you on the road longer.

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