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Technology makes more and more advances every day, and automotive technology is no different. European car brands such as Audi, Mini, and Volkswagen that are five or more years old may still look amazing and perform well but could be missing some creature comforts that are commonplace among newer models. One of the hardest pieces of technology to live without in your vehicle is a camera system.

Camera systems are mainly found in newer vehicle models in the form of a backup camera. This is an incredibly useful feature for drivers because it makes backing up much safer for you, your vehicle, and others on the roadway. Backup cameras increase your visibility and help improve hard to see angles caused by the design of the vehicle.

If your European vehicle did not come with a standard backup camera, don’t worry, there are options out there for you!

Type of Backup Cameras

There are several types of backup camera systems you can purchase for your vehicle. These are some of the most popular options:

  • License Plate Cameras – One of the easiest types of cameras to install on your vehicle is a license plate camera system. These systems work by replacing your current license plate frame with a new frame that has a camera mounted in the middle. They are very simple to install and require little modification to ensure they’re configured properly.
  • In-bumper Cameras – Some owners prefer a more streamlined or stock look. If your vehicle has the option for a bumper-mounted camera, but it was not installed by the factory, an in-bumper camera may be a great option. There are often small placeholders in the bumper that can be removed where the camera would naturally fit.
  • Cube or Side Mount Cameras – If functionality is most important to you, a simple cube style camera that screws directly into your bumper may be a good option. These types of cameras can pivot on their mounting brackets so even though they are not concealed, they have the advantage of being highly adjustable.


Dash Cameras

Another type of camera system that does not generally come stock on most vehicles is a dash camera. A dash camera is typically forward-facing and can also include an internal-facing camera. These cameras record the activity around you while you drive. Dash cameras have become increasingly popular in the Space Coast as they can help determine who’s at fault if an accident occurs.

Another great feature of many dash cameras is “sentry mode”. This is a setting where you can choose to have your camera record when you are not in the vehicle. This way, if someone were to break in, or hit your parked car, you have a record of the event. As a result, it is much more likely to have the value of your stolen or damaged property returned to you.

Many of the dash cameras we recommend and install for our Space Coast European car owners also track speed and geo-location, which are perfect for monitoring young drivers and any interactions that occur with a police officer.

Your Space Coast Resource

Melbourne Motorsports is your trusted local resource for all types of accessories for your European vehicle. From backup and side-mount, to forward and interior facing, we can help you determine the best type of camera system for your particular needs and ensure it is installed properly. If you want cutting-edge technology in your vehicle, contact us to learn more!

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