5 Stars - Based on 87 User Reviews
5 Stars - Based on 87 User Reviews
Melbourne Motorsports LLC

About Us

The owner lived in Germany at a time when such iconic cars as the Porsche 959, BMW M1, type 44 Audi, and VW GTI Mk2 graced the showrooms. He grew up working with his hands and helping his father repair and maintain the family vehicles. From there, he enlisted in the US Air Force after graduating from high school, eventually graduated from the US Air Force Academy in 1998, and served as an analyst before separating from the service in 2003.

He went from working in an office to working in a bay at Continental Motorcars (now Porsche, Audi, Mercedes of Melbourne). Then left the dealer after three years to fulfill his dream of one day working for himself. After 11 years of business, Melbourne Motorsports LLC is still growing and trying every day to perfect their craft and to serve the customer well.



Are you tired of the dealer or other automotive shops constantly trying to convince you to spend high dollar amounts on un-necessary repairs or handing you long lists of maintenance items that you “need to do” in order to continue to safely operate your vehicle? We are too. Our core value of “integrity first” means that we will never try to sell you anything you do not need in order to safely operate your vehicle or prevent future breakdowns. We will fix the problem that brought you into the shop to begin with and not burden you with a dubious list of additional repairs or maintenance items. If you do not need it – we will not try to pressure you to buy it.

Service above self

Have you ever felt like a business you dealt with really only cared about taking your money? We’ve been there too. Owning high-end vehicles is a pleasure that can quickly turn to frustration when a mechanical breakdown occurs or when trying to keep up with the higher demand maintenance schedule these cars require. We will do what is needed to make it a pleasure to do business with us, and to keep you and your car on the best terms possible. We strive to serve the needs of the customer first before we look to further our own best interests.

Excellence in all we do

Let’s face it, anything worth doing, is worth doing well. We endeavor to use the highest quality parts available, to maintain a clean and neat shop, to acquire and to train with factory level diagnostic equipment, to keep up with emerging technology, and to fix your vehicle correctly the first time. We aim to repair your vehicle in a timely and prompt fashion, at a reasonable cost, and to complete all maintenance and repairs in an excellent manner.

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