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One thing that makes vehicles from brands such as Fiat, Mercedes-Benz, Volkswagen and Volvo so special is their exterior styling. European vehicles, in general, are simply stunning — especially when compared to the current lineup of domestic alternatives. Owners of these exclusive brands love standing out from the crowd and expressing their own personal style through their vehicle. One great way to do this is with custom wheels and tires.

Custom wheels come in a variety of sizes, finishes, and styles. Drivers may opt for a large rim and tire setup, or keep the stock sizing in place. Some of these choices are dictated by the overall look you are trying to achieve, and if you plan to modify other parts of your vehicle (like the suspension system).

Other Advantages of Custom Wheels

When it comes to custom wheel setups, there are many more advantages than just sheer cosmetics. Some of these advantages include:

  • Improved Performance – Performance is greatly impacted by how your tires interact with the surface you are driving on. Larger custom wheels allow you to use larger and wider tires, which increases the surface area that interacts with the road or track. This increased area creates more grip for faster acceleration and control during turns. Also, if your vehicle is an SUV, larger wheels and tires may help increase performance in different weather conditions and improve off-road grip.
  • Installation of New Components – Larger tires may allow for other performance parts to be installed. For example, a popular part to upgrade on older 911 models are the brakes. To fit a large brake rotor, however, you need a wheel that is large and deep enough for the brake kit to fit.
  • Easy and Affordable – Modifications on European vehicles can be incredibly expensive and difficult to complete. Custom wheels, on the other hand, can be very affordable and easy to install — many people even complete the installation themselves after they have the tires mounted and balanced. Installation can be completed easily when the wheels have a different look than stock but are the same size.
  • Increased Vehicle Value – A beautiful set of custom wheels and tires may make it easier for you to sell or trade your vehicle in when you are ready to upgrade. Potential buyers love the idea of having a custom vehicle, but don’t want to go through the process of upgrading it themselves. There is a strong secondary market for vehicles with tasteful upgrades like custom wheels.


Other Considerations

When picking out new custom wheels, it’s important to understand how, and if, they will fit on your vehicle without modification. Drivers often believe that they are selecting a compatible wheel because it is the same size, but do not consider the bolt pattern or offset. Not all wheels fit on all vehicles, and many require other components to be adjusted.

Wheel spacers may be needed depending on what size rim and tire you are adding. When installing wheels with spacers, it’s very important to use the correct spacing and, potentially, longer lug nuts to properly secure the wheel to your vehicle.

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Melbourne Motorsports is your trusted resource for questions surrounding European vehicle custom wheels and other modifications. We have been helping local owners with their vehicles for over a decade on the Space Coast. If you have questions about custom wheels for your vehicle or need help with installation, contact Melbourne Motorsports!
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