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From the very first moment you sit in an Audi, you know that every driving experience thereafter will be special. Unlike other European automotive brands, Audi is well rounded in many categories, including styling, comfort, and performance. The attention to detail in every vehicle they produce is impressive. From the perfect exhaust notes to the feeling of the leather-wrapped steering wheel, you know that the designers and engineers are driving enthusiasts.

For many years Audi used the tagline “Innovation Through Technology”, and in some markets “Progress Through Technology”. It’s clear that these words are much more than just a corporate tagline — they are part of the brand’s DNA. From the introduction of the Quattro system back in 1980 to the current e-Tron electric technology, Audi is constantly pushing the barriers of what is possible moving forward. Audi owners have this same DNA in their system – they always want the best performance, technology, comfort, and styling from the vehicle that they drive.


Like other European automotive luxury and performance brands, it is crucial to maintain your Audi to continue to enjoy your driving experience. Audi uses technology to innovate, and some of that same technology helps your vehicle perform at its best every day. There are complex systems running different parts of your vehicle simultaneously, and they all communicate with one another to be as efficient as possible. If one system stops functioning as it should, your performance and driving experience can be greatly impacted.



Although some of the technology that helps your vehicle perform well is static in nature, such as Audi ultra® lightweight technology (materials that help reduce weight and maintain structural strength), other systems are much more active such as Audi TFSI®.

Audi TFSI® is the latest engine technology that helps you get even more performance from your vehicle while using less fuel. This combination of forced induction (either turbocharging or supercharging) and direct fuel injection is the first of its kind and does not sacrifice your driving experience for better emissions ratings.

Dynamic all-wheel steering is another example of Audi technology that betters your driving experience. Mainly seen on the flagship A8 model, this steering system assists drivers at both high and low speeds. At slow speeds, this system allows larger vehicles to have a greatly improved turning radius that is comparable to a smaller vehicle by adjusting the rear wheels by five degrees. At highway speeds, the rear wheels turn two degrees to match the front wheels, improving stability and control.

There are many other components that help your Audi perform when you drive. Because the performance is so finely tuned, you need to ensure regular maintenance of your Audi is completed to prevent breakdowns in these systems.


Many European vehicles have high dealership costs for maintenance and repairs, and Audi is no exception. It is possible to have your Audi maintained and repaired with the same quality parts and service that you expect from a dealership, but at a much lower cost. Melbourne Motorsports has been servicing Audi vehicles for over a decade on the Space Coast. Regardless of your model, Melbourne Motorsports can help you maintain your Audi and make every driving experience special.

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