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Alfa Romeo - Race-Inspired Performance

There are few cars on the road today that make a driver feel as unique and special as an Alfa Romeo. Because Alfa stopped importing vehicles into North America for decades, many drivers simply do not know what an Alfa Romeo is when they see it. What they do know, however, is how stunning every vehicle in their lineup is. Alfa’s are known for their distinct styling – the single kidney grille in the front, and the flowing, art like lines that compose each model’s body cause double-takes on the road.

Alfa Romeos are for the driver who dares to be different but does not want to sacrifice the performance and luxury many other brands offer. With an amazing race pedigree dating back to the early 1900s, Alfa definitely delivers the performance and driving experience you would expect. Alfa’s current line up of vehicles are nimble, making even the slightest corner feel like a race track.

Even though you may feel like you’re driving a race car, you’re surrounded by luxurious leather, soft suede and microfiber, and gorgeous carbon fiber accents all throughout the interior. Only drivers special enough to have driven Alfa Romeos of yesteryears like the Alfa Duetto Spider or the 2000 Sportiva can truly appreciate how the brand has evolved into the modern, luxury-sport brand it is today.


Alfa Romeo Maintenance & Repair & Repair

For those familiar with the Alfa Romeo brand, it’s a well-known fact that they require regular maintenance and, oftentimes repair. New models in the lineup such as the 4C, the Giulia, and the Stelvio are significantly more reliable than classic models, but it is imperative to complete the suggested maintenance schedule to ensure your vehicle performs and lasts as it should.

Alfa Romeo Dealerships are few and far between, and often are backlogged with appointments even for oil changes. This is, unfortunately, a price drivers have to pay for the rarity of the brand. Routine service on an Alfa is also more in-depth than comparable luxury sports brands. For instance, the Giulia requires the spark plugs and belts changed at 30,000 miles – while most other brands require tune-up services in the 60,000 to 80,000-mile mark.

Classic Alfa Romeo Models

It has often been said you can’t truly call yourself a “petrolhead” until you’ve owned and driven an Alfa Romeo. Until very recently, this meant if you lived in the United States, you would be driving a classic model such as the original Spider. Owners of classic Alfa Romeo models not only know the joy of driving them and the pain of trying to determine what is not functioning properly on their vehicle. Classic models are plagued with electrical and mechanical issues that often times can be very serious if left unchecked – and ultimately lead to the demise of your classic weekend roadster.

Space Coast Dealership Alternative

The team at Melbourne Motorsports are Alfa Romeo experts. As a true dealership alternative, our ASE Certified Master Technicians can save you time, money, and the headaches associated with owning a classic – or modern – Alfa Romeo. Our service and repair experts ensure you’re focused on the amazing driving experience by keeping you on the road longer.

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