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Prevent Major Damage with Routine Maintenance

One of the most important (and often overlooked) ways to maintain your European vehicle’s engine and performance is with regular oil changes. Your engine oil is what keeps all of the intricate internal engine components lubricated. Because these components, such as your pistons and camshaft, are moving incredibly fast, they create friction which in turn creates heat. When you use the proper oil, maintain the right levels, and change worn oil on schedule, you greatly increase the odds that your vehicle will last for many years to come.

The type of oil your vehicle uses is not only based on the make and model, but on the mileage of your vehicle. Typically, the higher the mileage on the engine, the thicker the viscosity (weight) of the oil. This helps older engines that have more mileage with oil pressure, protect older engine bearings, and prevent leaks from the top and bottom of the engine.

When To Change Your Oil

When you purchase a European vehicle it’s very important to become familiar with your service schedule. Each manufacturer dictates the amount of mileage and time that is acceptable between oil changes. Changing your oil too often can actually harm your vehicle, so it’s important to follow these guidelines.

There are some indications that are easy to spot when it’s time to change your oil and some performance-related issues that you should be aware of. It may be time to change your oil when you see or hear the following:

  • Illuminated Check Engine or Oil Light
  • Service Soon Light is On
  • Dirty Oil when Checking Levels
  • A “Pinging” or “Knocking” Sound from Your Engine
  • Reduced Performance or Rough Idle

If you notice any of the above signs or symptoms, it’s important to get your oil changed and checked by a trusted mechanic as soon as possible.


What Does An Oil Change Consist Of

Oil changes – also sometimes referred to as a “lube service”, is more than just simply changing out old oil for new. At Melbourne Motorsports, a highly trained and ASE Certified Mechanic will complete and check the following on your European Vehicle:

  • Check and Notate the Initial Oil Level
  • Drain the Oil and Inspect for Particles
  • Remove and Inspect the Oil Filter
  • Inspect Other Fluids as Needed
  • Oil All Fittings Prior to Installation
  • Check the Engine Block for Leaks
  • Verify Belts and Hoses are in Good Condition
  • Add the Proper Type and Amount of Oil

While this service is being performed, mechanics also complete a visual inspection of the undercarriage of the vehicle to ensure that everything looks safe and operable. Anytime your vehicle is in the air for service, it’s a good idea to complete these inspections.

How Long Does an Oil Change Take

Typically, we recommend setting aside an hour to have your oil changed. Based on your make and model, it may be a little more or less. If any other issues are identified during this service, we will make you aware of them and suggest a course of action. This may add time to the repair. We never complete additional work without the owner’s explicit consent.

Your Space Coast Dealership Alternative

Oil changes are essential to the health of your vehicle. It’s important to adhere to the manufacturer’s recommended service schedule, but there is no need to pay high dealership prices for oil changes. At Melbourne Motorsports, we have been trusted by European vehicle owners on the Space Coast for over a decade. We can help ensure your vehicle’s maintenance is completed correctly, on time, and without the high dealership price tags!

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