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Given that their slogan is “The Ultimate Driving Machine”, it’s no surprise that BMW is one of the most popular European automotive brands in the world. BMW ownership is an extension of your personality and aura, and there is a perfectly configured option available for your exact needs. From the i3 which is an incredibly fun, functional, and electric city car to the X5 M, a gorgeous powerhouse of a Sports Activity Vehicle, BMW has you covered.

Although BMWs are made for the masses, there is a more bespoke option available as well — BMW Individual. As a BMW Individual, there are a countless number of unique options available to you. From custom color paint combinations you create to designing your perfect interior, you are in complete control of how your BMW looks and feels. This is just one of the many reasons BMW is truly the “Ultimate Driving Machine”.

BMW owners appreciate the finer things in life like having a special appreciation for quality and attention to detail. This is why you can’t trust just anyone with your BMW maintenance and repairs.

BMW Maintenance & Repair

BMWs are known for much more than just their custom options – they are known for their heart-pumping performance. With the exception of the new electric models, every BMW lets you know that it’s ready to perform each time you turn it on with its signature throaty exhaust sound and the perfect purr of its engine. This is especially true of the coveted “BMW M” models — they are designed to feel just as at home on the track as they feel on the street.

BMW engineers have spent countless hours perfecting their engines to get the maximum performance from every square inch under the hood. “BMW M” engines push these performance limits even further by producing more than 100 horsepower per liter. Proper maintenance of all BMW model engines is critical to maximizing the longevity of your vehicle. When you drive a BMW it becomes clear that the company’s heritage lies in automotive racing and that their vehicles should be maintained in a similar manner.


BMW Turbocharged Engines

Most newer model BMW vehicles use forced induction (in the form of a turbocharger) to increase the performance of the engine, save on fuel, and reduce emissions. By utilizing this newer and more efficient technology, the equivalent power of an eight-cylinder engine can be produced from one with only six-cylinders. This also allows for weight reduction and other vehicle benefits.

Because forced induction puts more strain on the engine, it is imperative you adhere to a proper maintenance schedule. Changing your oil at the recommended mileage is key to helping your engine and turbocharger last for years to come.

Space Coast BMW Dealership Alternative

Regardless of your make, model, or engine type, you have to properly maintain your BMW vehicle. Although BMW owners do appreciate quality and attention to detail, there is no need to pay a premium to have your luxury vehicle serviced at a dealership. Melbourne Motorsports European car repair technicians are experts at maintaining and repairing any BMW model, classic or modern, naturally aspirated or turbocharged. With regular maintenance, we will help you avoid costly future repairs and ensure that your BMW is “The Ultimate Driving Machine”!

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