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Benefits of Purchasing Pre-Owned

European vehicles from brands such as Jaguar, Land Rover, Maserati and Mercedes can be much more costly to purchase new than domestic alternatives. European imports may come at a greater cost, but they also offer superior performance, luxury, and driving experience – which, in our opinion, makes the price well worth the cost.

However, as savvy owners know, like domestic cars, new European vehicles depreciate very quickly in the first few years of ownership. Since many drivers lease these types of imports and do not purchase them, there is a wide variety of used European vehicles to choose from. This depreciation on low mileage, three to four-year-old vehicles can save owners thousands of dollars when compared to buying new. These used options often have the same body style and similar technology as brand new models as well.

Ensure That Your Investment Is Sound

Based on all of these points, purchasing a used European vehicle sounds like an incredible deal! This is mostly true, but there are several other considerations to think about before you make your decision. When you are buying a pre-owned vehicle, it can be difficult to know how well the vehicle was maintained or treated. Without an accurate service history, you could be opening yourself up to very costly repairs shortly after you purchase your vehicle.

Just because you save thousands off of a purchase price doesn’t mean you’ll be saving money on OEM parts and labor when something fails on your vehicle. Pre-owned pricing allows an owner to purchase a higher-end vehicle than they may be able to afford, and it’s important that proper consideration is given to what it will take to maintain or repair issues that could arise.


Pre Purchase Inspection (PPI)

Before you purchase any pre-owned vehicle, we highly recommend having a trusted car repair shop complete a pre-purchase inspection, commonly known as a PPI. Even when service records are available it’s a good idea to get a PPI. The small out-of-pocket cost is minimal if it saves you from paying thousands of dollars in costly repairs.

PPIs are comprehensive, covering all of your vehicle’s systems that may potentially have a problem. It’s important to work with a trusted shop like Melbourne Motorsports that specializes in European vehicles to ensure that nothing is missed in your PPI. A standard Pre Purchase Inspection at Melbourne Motorsports is incredibly thorough and in short, includes:

Where to Get a Pre Purchase Inspection

If the dealership or car lot you are purchasing your vehicle from states that they have fully serviced the vehicle and completed a PPI, you should still ask for your own independent assessment. This is important because the independent repair shop that completes the PPI is vested in your long-term satisfaction whether or not you purchase the vehicle or not, unlike the dealership. If the seller of the vehicle states you are not able to complete your own, independent pre-purchase inspection offsite, we recommend you reconsider if that’s the type of seller you want to buy from.

Your Trusted Pre Purchase Inspection Shop

At Melbourne Motorsports, we’re European vehicle experts. We have decades of experience working on all types of European makes and models, both modern and classic. Our attention to detail during each inspection is unparalleled, saving you money on costly future repairs. When you are considering purchasing a pre-owned European vehicle, trust Melbourne Motorsports to complete your pre-purchase Inspection!

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