5 Stars - Based on 87 User Reviews
5 Stars - Based on 87 User Reviews

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European Auto Service and repairs experts

For your convenience we offer:

1. Drop off and pick up to your place of work in the nearby vicinity
2. Easy access to rental car services at the Melbourne airport


European vehicles use the latest in automotive technology and electronics. As a result, these cars can often be difficult to service and to repair. That is why it is important your vehicle is serviced at a specialty shop with all the proper tools and equipment. European vehicles also have advanced onboard computer systems used for monitoring and diagnostics. These computer systems require costly diagnostic hardware and software programs to communicate with them and for us to accurately assess your vehicle’s needs. Most general service centers will not invest in these necessary tools and technology. In later model vehicles, traditionally simple items such as oil changes and brake repairs are beginning to require specialty tools and equipment. Melbourne Motorsports has everything needed for all of your European car’s needs, including highly trained and ASE certified technicians and advisors.

Manufacturers’ Scheduled Service

Staying up to date on your vehicle’s manufacturer’s scheduled services is essential to the longevity of your vehicle. Do not neglect to service your vehicle because it WILL lead to failures that can be prevented. Oil changes, transmission fluid services, steering and suspension components, and timing belts can ALL create expensive compounded problems if not serviced in a timely manner. Sometimes just because your vehicle seems to be running normal, does not mean it doesn’t need service. The previously mentioned will only show symptoms when it’s TOO LATE. Additionally European vehicles in particular require a host of special lubricants, filters, and other fluids that MAY NOT be substituted with cheaper alternatives. You deserve a shop that uses the exactly-specified filters, fluids, and other materials that your vehicle’s manufacturer has designed the vehicle to use. Speak with one of our service advisors for more details on your particular vehicle.

Performance Upgrades

We are a licensed dealer for APR. Your Porsche, Audi, or Volkswagen has tremendous hidden potential for serious performance upgrades. These are meant to add horsepower and push your vehicle to its maximum capability. From air intakes, exhaust system and turbochargers, oil coolers, suspension systems, brakes, or to APR Stage I, II or III – we have it all!

Melbourne Motorsports is highly interested and competent in making significant functional and aesthetic improvements to your Porsche, Audi, and VW. Give us a call today to inquire about these improvements!  Make sure to check out our A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau 

European Auto Service Specialists

We Offer the Following Service and Repair:
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