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Land Rover - Above and Beyond

Created from a simple sketch in the sand on a Welsh beach in 1947, Land Rover has become an unstoppable force that lives up to its motto “Above and Beyond”. Modern Land Rover vehicles are known not only for their incredible luxury and smooth driving experience but for their toughness as well. A Land Rover feels as much at home on a steep incline in a forest as it does on a highway. Land Rovers are truly versatile vehicles.

Although Land Rover has always been synonymous with ruggedness, the brand has not always been known for the luxury experience it offers today. The Land Rover Defender, a classic model which recently came back into production in 2020, is actually the second oldest four-wheel-drive purpose-built off-road vehicle behind the Jeep. The Defender was so good, in fact, that the British Armed Forces adopted the design (with some slight modifications) as their official troop carrier for decades — it was known as the Land Rover Wolf 110.

Today, Land Rovers are not only tough but luxurious performance-vehicles as well. The interiors are a far cry from a military vehicle, often equipped with heated leather seats featuring a built-in massage function. All of the materials used in the interior are top of the line and are designed with a focus purely on driving comfort.


Land Rover Repair & Maintenance

Even though they are incredibly durable off-road, earlier models of Land Rover’s Discovery (one of the most popular North American models sold) is haunted by various electrical issues — a very common problem seen in many vehicle brands produced in Britain during the late 1990s and well into the 2000s. Left unchecked, these electrical issues can cause significant damage to major components of the vehicle, such as the engine or transmission.

For late-model Land Rovers such as the Evoque, Range Rover, and newer Discovery platforms, routine maintenance and inspections are imperative to protecting your vehicle. Land Rovers are known to have issues that often lead to costly repair bills five to six years after their production year. You can help prevent these issues by following the manufacturer-suggested service intervals and the advice of a trusted, ASE Certified Master Technician. By replacing soon to be worn-out components that are identified during service and inspection visits, you help reduce and spread out the cost of repairs over time.

Pre-Owned Land Rovers

Because pre-owned Land Rovers often offer amazing value due to depreciation, there is a strong market for these vehicles. Melbourne Motorsports always recommends you have any used vehicle inspected by an independent auto repair shop prior to purchase, but this is even more critical with Land Rovers. Owners do not always care for their vehicles as they should and they trade them in when problems begin to surface. A pre-purchase inspection can save you thousands of dollars by identifying any potential issues with a Land Rover before you commit to purchasing it.

Space Coast Dealership Alternative

Whether you need help with general service, repair, or a pre-purchase inspection of a Land Rover vehicle, Melbourne Motorsports can help. We have decades of experience working on all models of Land Rover vehicles, including classic Defenders dating back to the 1950s. No matter what your Land Rover needs, Melbourne Motorsports is here to serve you!

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