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Mini Cooper - For The Drive

As Mini Cooper drivers know, if you’ve never driven a Mini, you’re not really a driver! The Mini Cooper brand is known for its razor-sharp handling that is often compared to driving a nimble go-kart or riding a super-fast, winding roller coaster. The anticipation of the drive ahead is what makes Minis such exciting cars for their owners.

“For the Drive ” is the perfect slogan for Mini Cooper, as their vehicles are specced to be a true drivers’ car. In addition to the amazing handling, Minis are powered by twin-turbo engines and offer dynamic stability control. Both of these features, added to an incredibly light and short wheelbase, is the perfect recipe for an amazing driving experience.

Regardless of the model, if you’ve ever driven a Mini Cooper, you know that the brand’s DNA was developed for racing. Mini has an incredible history in motorsport, including record-setting wins at world-famous rallies such as Monte Carlo and Dakar, and breakneck speeds competing in hill climbs and other races. The performance delivered in such harsh, unforgiving conditions is a testament to the quality and care that goes into each Mini that leaves the assembly line.

Old School Performance, New School Technology

Given the incredible handling, performance, and sheer fun that Mini Cooper vehicles offer (for just a fraction of the cost of other European automotive brands), they continually impress drivers with the technology they’ve added to their lineup. Staying true to their slogan, this technology is centered around an amazing driving experience. It comes in the form of adjustable driving modes.

Mini Cooper’s adjustable driving modes puts drivers in control of how their vehicle performs. Sport Mode enhances performance, creating high revs and faster throttle response. Mid Mode is a perfectly balanced setting that still gives you great performance, but provides more comfort for longer, less aggressive drives. Lastly, Green Mode softens your driving experience and instead focuses on fuel economy to help you protect the environment, and your wallet, from high gasoline costs.


Mini Cooper Repair and Maintenance

Regardless of whether you are driving a classic Mini Cooper from the 1960s or one of today’s most modern options, your Mini Cooper needs to be cared for and properly maintained. Minis are incredibly reliable vehicles when compared to other European brands on the market, and if properly maintained they will offer you an amazing driving experience for years.

Because Mini Coopers are so much fun to drive – and drive hard – many repairs are caused by this consistently aggressive driving style. Clutch and transmission issues are common and can often be prevented by having your transmission fluid changed every 30,000 to 40,000 miles.

Most new Mini Coopers have a plastic radiator support that can be easily damaged by even a slight impact with a curb (due to its low placement). It’s incredibly important to address leaks or engine temperature issues right away.

Like with most other vehicles, oil changes are arguably the most important service for your Mini Cooper. Staying consistent with fresh oil is even more important for a Mini because of the Variable Valve Timing system that Mini uses. Older oil has a tendency to disrupt this system, which causes major engine problems that could have been easily avoided if properly maintained.

Your Space Coast Dealership Alternative

Melbourne Motorsports is the perfect Space Coast-based auto shop to maintain and repair your Mini Cooper, classic or new! We’re real drivers, and understand how important it is to keep your Mini running right so you can enjoy taking hairpin turns and the heart-pumping performance that only a Mini Cooper can deliver.

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