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Volvo - For Life

With just two words and seven simple characters, the Volvo brand is eloquently summed up by their motto “For Life”, which is a nod to not only the quality of their vehicles but to the cornerstone of their brand — safety. Volvo owners appreciate the precious gift of life and want to do their very best to keep their family safe when on the road. Volvo vehicles are without a doubt a practical, responsible, and safe choice, but that certainly does not mean they lack anything in the areas of performance and driving experience.

Modern Volvos are luxurious vehicles that are designed for life, helping drivers make the most out of every moment. Volvo engineers clearly want drivers to experience the human side of Scandinavian design in every aspect of their vehicles. To accomplish this, designers have focused on the driver’s well-being from the moment they open the door.

The interior cabins of Volvos are incredibly comfortable and constructed of high-quality materials in an ergonomic fashion. You can see the countless hours of thought that have gone into how the driver interacts with every component, from the gauges and infotainment system to the steering wheel and driver’s side door control. Every detail has been considered and meticulously designed with the driver in mind.

Volvo Technology

Volvos are not only known for their safety, driver-centric design and overall quality of their construction, they are also known for the technology that they integrate into their vehicles. Volvo engineers state that the data they collect can be used to determine how a vehicle will perform, but they actually focus on the feelings that are invoked from the driving experience – something that’s impossible to measure unless you experience it for yourself.

To help achieve the goal of driver satisfaction, Volvo uses technology to create incredibly realistic scenarios with varying conditions to learn how a vehicle will make you feel before it ever goes into prototyping. Their focuses on experience, safety, and quality are the reasons why Volvo owners are often brand loyal “for life”.


Volvo Repair and Service

As previously stated, Volvos are known for their quality construction, so it’s no surprise that they are incredibly reliable vehicles. It is still common to see Volvos from the 1990s and early 2000s on the road today, which is the ultimate testament to their reliability. By performing basic, routine maintenance such as oil changes you can expect your vehicle to last for years to come.

Late-model Volvos also have simple maintenance schedules, with oil changes occurring about every 10,000 miles. At the time of each oil change its a good idea to check fluid levels just in case, but coolant and brake fluid should not need to be changed until roughly 40,000 miles. This is the same service that addresses your cabin air filters. Spark plugs are generally left untouched until the 70,000-mile mark.

Your Space Coast Dealership Alternative

It’s no secret that Volvos are fantastic vehicles. Melbourne Motorsports is your local, trusted option to perform regular maintenance on your Volvo, regardless of its age. By ensuring the basics are completed on time, you can expect your Volvo to last for decades to come.
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