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Identify Your Issue Correctly the First Time

Although technology in European vehicles continues to improve all of the time, this same technology can make it difficult for you – or a mechanic – to determine what is (or is not) wrong with your vehicle. For example, a check engine warning light on your BMW could indicate a variety of issues, from a one time misfire in your engine to a blown head gasket. To properly diagnose vehicle warning codes, you need the right equipment and training.

Scanning Tools

Not all vehicle scanning tools are created equal! There are a number of inexpensive vehicle scanners that can be purchased online or at an auto parts store that are not always as dependable or accurate as the professional equipment used by a Melbourne Motorsports ASE Certified Master Technician. European brands like Audi, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche invest millions of dollars in their software every year, and a run-of-the-mill scanning tool simply will not work.

When your vehicle has a warning light on, it’s important to bring it to a shop that specializes in European makes and models and has the proper software to diagnose the issue. Reputable shops that do not have the right software are generally forthcoming and explicitly state what makes and models they work on – European models are often excluded. If you are working with a new shop that says they can help you, make sure to ask about the diagnostic software they are using to ensure it is capable of handling the unique diagnostic requirements for European cars.


What Does an Engine Diagnostic Service Include?

Having accurate information about what may be wrong with your vehicle is critical to good decision-making about repairs. To get this information, our in-depth diagnostic service includes the following:

  • A scan your vehicle’s computer system using our state-of-the-art equipment
  • Documentation and explanation of any trouble codes and their meanings
  • For vehicles produced after 1996, we will check a database for service bulletins related to your vehicle
  • A road test (if possible and safe for the vehicle) to further validate diagnostic findings
  • Completion of a visual inspection of the rest of the vehicle
  • Estimation of the cost of any necessary repairs

Again, it is crucial that you only work with a shop that has the proper technology to diagnose your specific make and model vehicle. Otherwise, you may find yourself in a trial and error situation, replacing expensive components without repairing the actual problem.

Your Space Coast Dealership Alternative

When your vehicle has an issue, it’s important to identify it correctly the first time to prevent further costly damage, Dealerships charge large service fees before they even diagnose your problem. Melbourne Motorsports is your trusted Space Coast dealership alternative for diagnosing and repairing European vehicles. We use state-of-the-art technology to diagnose your vehicle so that you can make the best decision for yourself on how to proceed, and be back on the road in no time!

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