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Regular service for Audi vehicles is critical to ensure your high-performance European car or SUV is always running its best. Like other European brands, Audi recommends preventative maintenance at different mileage intervals. This way, you can catch issues before they become major repairs.

Why Service for Audi Vehicles is so important

Regular service for any European vehicle is key to achieving the best driving experience possible; this is especially true of service for Audi vehicles. Your Audi has many different systems that are designed to perform properly individually as well as in harmony with one another. Each of these systems is made up of smaller parts as well as fluids and lubricants. In time, most automotive parts will have some sort of failure. And, of course, all fluids break down over time as well. This is why it is essential to monitor the health of these systems, parts, and fluids to keep your Audi running at its best.

Sticking to Audi’s recommended service intervals is the best way to ensure you cover all of your bases. By maintaining the parts that wear down over time, and exchanging or “flushing” the fluids along with predetermined mileage intervals, you can maximize your Audi’s health and minimize necessary repairs. Read on to learn about some of the most critical – and often overlooked – services Audi recommends.

As a reminder, make sure to check the specifics of your year, make, and model Audi as service durations may vary slightly based on these factors.

Oil Changes

Oil change intervals are a hotly debated topic depending on who you ask. For most Audi vehicles, the official recommendation for oil changes is every 10,000 miles. However, many industry professionals (ourselves included) question the reasoning behind this long interval between oil changes. Many agree that Audi has increased the interval to lower the total cost of ownership, and Audi is one of the most expensive car brands to own.

So if 10,000 miles may be too long, what is the right interval? Many independent shops like ours agree that for most Audi vehicles with under 70,000 miles every 7,500 miles is a good interval for an oil change. If your Audi is higher mileage, every 5,000 miles would be the recommended oil change interval. This interval is also recommended for any performance version like an S-line model or if you have a tendency to drive your Audi very aggressively.

We can’t stress the importance of oil changes enough because it is literally the lifeblood of the engine. It’s a service for Audi that should never be missed.

Service for Audi

Brake Fluid

The brake system on any vehicle is incredibly important to the safety of all passengers.  In addition to replacing visible components life pads and rotors as they wear, the brake fluid must also be flushed and replaced.  In Audi vehicles, the recommended service interval for a brake system flush is every three years, or 30,000 miles, whichever comes first.

Like other synthetic fluids, brake fluid breaks down in time and can be impacted by a number of factors.  Heat is one of those factors, and if you’ve lived on the Space Coast for over a year, you know it can get hot!  In this case, the recommended interval is fine for most drivers, but if you have a performance model or drive hard (on or off the track), you may want to consider a brake flush a little more often.  Between aggressive driving and hot summer temperatures, brake system fluid will break down faster.

Fuel Filters

When it comes to service for Audi vehicles at an independent shop, training is everything!  Fuel filters are often overlooked by untrained techs when servicing your vehicles.  With many Audi makes and models, the fuel system is already a little finicky.  Because of this fact, ensuring your fuel filter is clean is very important.

What does a fuel filter do?  Like other filters in your Audi, it’s designed to keep dirt and debris out of your fuel system, while simultaneously regulating the flow of fuel.  If your fuel filter is clogged or dirty, your Audi will not run well, and your gas mileage will be poor.

Fuel filters are something our beachside customers should really keep in mind given the amount of sand on the roads from our beautiful beaches.

Service for Audi Vehicles Completed By Trained Mechanics

Melbourne Motorsports is the Space Coast’s premier dealer alternative for servicing your Audi.  We work on all makes and models, including classics.  As European vehicle owners and enthusiasts ourselves, we know what it will take to properly maintain and service your Audi.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Service for Audi — Melbourne Motorsports

Routine service for Audi vehicles is key to ensuring they run their best. Additionally, you can potentially avoid costly repair bills by completing preventative maintenance recommended by the manufacturer. Sometimes, it may be in your best interest to complete the service more frequently than Audi recommends. We’re Audi experts, and can help you make the right decisions about your car’s maintenance. Save time and money when compared to the dealer by coming to Melbourne Motorsports. We’re the Space Coast’s premier Audi dealer alternative!

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest in all things European cars!

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