Oil Change Near me

When you are online searching for “Oil Change Near Me”, it is often because a check engine or oil light has popped on in your vehicle. If this is the case, make sure to schedule service as soon as possible. If your engine oil is not properly maintained, there is a possibility of long-term and costly damage. At Melbourne Motorsports, we can help you stay on a service routine and ensure your vehicle is properly maintained. Use the button below to request an appointment, or give us a call!

Three reasons to change your oil regularly

Most people who own a car know they need to change their oil every so often. However, this essential service is often overlooked and not completed on time. When you drive a European vehicle, it is especially important to adhere to your maintenance schedule. Most European brands like BMW and Audi have high-performance engines in most models. Because these engines are tuned to perform, making sure your oil is fresh can help prevent costly and unnecessary damage to your engine.

A lot of drivers just wait until the check engine or oil light comes on before they think about servicing their vehicle. When the light pops on, they then go online and search for “oil change near me”, and often select a “quick change” option. When you own a European vehicle, it’s important to work with a shop you trust. Not all shops are trained to handle European makes and models or don’t have a lot of real-world service experience on them. When you work with a trusted shop that does have this experience, other suggestions can be made based on your driving style, local climate, age of your vehicle, and more.
At Melbourne Motorsports we believe in educating our customers on the importance of properly maintaining their vehicle. This helps our customers avoid engine issues that could have been easily prevented, saving them money in the long run. Read on to learn the top three reasons changing your oil on time is so important for your European vehicle!

1. Maintains Engine Lubrication

There are so many moving parts inside of your engine. Many of these components move very fast, especially when you are accelerating quickly or driving at high speeds. Pistons, valves, rocker arms – they all take on the impact of the internal combustion that occurs when you step on the gas.

Oil helps ensure there is less friction when these parts move, in turn reducing the amount of heat inside of the engine. This helps reduce wear that would otherwise occur, degrading the parts. When your oil is old or low, it loses the ability to properly lubricate and cool the engine. This is what causes damage inside of the engine block.

Oil Change Near me
Oil Change Near Me

2. Removes Particles & Sludge

Your engine is finely tuned, especially in a European vehicle.  There are millimeters between moving parts, with zero space for anything else.   Even the smallest amount of debris or dirt has the potential to create major issues.  Keeping your oil fresh helps reduce the chances of these potentially damaging particles passing through your engine. This is also why when you get an oil change, the filter needs to be replaced.  

Over time your engine oil breaks down, turning into a “sludge” like substance.  Older oil can clog filters, which reduces their ability to capture particles before they make it to your engine components.

3. Helps the environment
(and your wallet)

When you are searching for “oil change near me”, you’re probably not thinking about saving the environment or the impact it can have on the Space Coast.  But, in fact, if you keep your oil changed regularly, you get better gas mileage.  On average, a car that has regular oil changes improves performance by one to two gallons a year. 

This may not sound like a lot, but consider there are 1.4 billion cars on the road today.  If they were all properly maintained, we would see a massive impact on the environment and the overall cost of fuel. 

Melbourne Motorsports - European Vehicle Experts

Melbourne Motorsports is the Space Coast’s premier dealer alternative for servicing your European vehicle.  We work on all makes and models, including classics.  As European vehicle owners and enthusiasts ourselves, we know what it will take to properly maintain and service your vehicle.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Oil Change Near Me — Melbourne Motorsports

As European vehicle enthusiasts ourselves, we know how costly they can be to maintain.  Preventing unnecessary damage and repairs is much more likely when you have your vehicle serviced regularly by a shop you trust.  Out of all of the routine services, an oil change is arguably the most important.  Fresh oil helps your engine perform better and last longer.  Before you hop online and search for “oil change near me” next time your oil light comes on, make sure to give us a call!  

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest in all things European cars!

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