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4.9 Stars - Based on 164 User Reviews

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Lamborghini - Expect the unexpected

If you’re a gearhead, there is a good chance you’ve had a Lamborghini poster on your wall at some point in your life.  Lamborghini is arguably one of the most iconic Italian brands ever, made popular not only for their blistering speed and performance but for their larger-than-life designs.  Nothing is off-limits when it comes to a Lamborghini design. Their distinct sharp lines, slanted nose, and scissor doors make them one of the most recognizable – and desirable  – cars on the market today.  

Lamborghini isn’t just about looking amazing though, their performance is nothing short of heart-stopping.  Early models like the Countach and Diablo were at times almost impossible to control, especially in a turn.  There is nothing quite as scary as a naturally aspirated, mid-engine V-12 screaming at full throttle trying to come to a quick stop.  Power has never been an issue for Lamborghini, but in recent years (especially since Audi took over the brand), their amazing performance hasn’t been limited to just straight-line speed.

Owning a Lamborghini of any kind is a lifelong dream for many people – a dream that is often never achieved.  The brand comes with a pretty hefty pricetag, that is increasing every single day.  This is why finding a local, trusted resource to maintain and repair your Lamborghini is very important.  Melbourne Motorsport is your trusted Space Coast Lamborghini dealer alternative!


Lamborghini Maintenance & Repair

Our ASE-certified, expert technicians work with you to help ensure you stay on the rigorous Lamborghini service routine. When you own a supercar, you have to ensure you follow all recommended services because the engines are tuned for maximum performance.  Lamborghini has service guidelines listed below, but as with any European vehicle – especially a supercar – make sure to check your specific model.

Lamborghini Repair & Service: 9,000 Miles or One Year of Ownership

Your Lamborghini’s first oil change is due. This service specifies new specific synthetic oil, as well as a new oil filter. Typically, you will also have your tires rotated. Many Lamborghini models have staggered rim and tire sizes front to back.  If this is the case with your model, ensure rotation is from left to right, not front to back.

Lamborghini Repair & Service: 18,000 Miles or two Years of Ownership

When your vehicle turns 2 or reaches 18,000 miles, whichever comes first, you’ll be ready for your next service. This will include an oil and filter change, as well as a tire rotation/service like the previous time. However, this service is much more in-depth. Other parts of this service include the following:

  • Replacement of your spark plugs
  • Replacing the V-belt
  • Replacing the V-belt tensioner
  • Engine coolant change
  • Replacing your brake fluid

Lamborghini Service: 27,000 Miles or Three Years of Ownership

At this mileage, you’ll be due for an oil change and tire service. Additionally, you will also need to have your O2 sensors inspected, as well as the rest of the EVAP system. If issues are identified, our team will notify you to take preventative measures before a failure occurs. Your fuel injection system, ignition system, and oil vapor recirculation system will also be inspected.

Once this service is complete, you’ll keep repeating the same cycle each additional 9,000 miles.

Lamborghini Repair

Our highly trained techs make sure that all repairs are properly performed, no matter how small or large the job. Melbourne Motorsports has the experience and knowledge required to provide the repairs you need with quality that you expect without high dealership pricing. Som of the more common Lamborghini repairs we complete are:

  • Brake Service and Repair
  • Transmission Service & Repair
  • Check Engine Light
  • Diagnostics
  • Oil Changes
  • Suspension Service and Repair
  • Performance Tuning and Parts
  • Engine Service & Repair
  • Differential Service & Repair
  • Diagnostics and Electrical
  • View All Services

No matter what you need serviced, repaired, on enhanced on your Lambrghini, we can help!

Space Coast Dealership Alternative

The team at Melbourne Motorsports are Lamborghini experts. As a true dealership alternative, our ASE Certified Master Technicians can save you time, money, and the headaches associated with owning a classic – or modern – Lamborghini. Our service and repair experts ensure you’re focused on the amazing driving experience by keeping you on the road longer.

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