BMW Repairs Near Me

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BMW repairs Near Me- What to Consider

If you’re online searching for “BMW Repairs near me”, there’s a good chance your BMW is having some type of issue.  It’s no secret that both new and used car prices are still very high.  Even though prices have started coming down, it still may make more financial sense to repair your late model BMW than replace it.  However, you also need to know when repairs may not be the best option based on costs and other upcoming services that are required. Read on to learn more about BMW repairs!

BMW ownership Costs

Average repair costs are a tricky thing to estimate because there are so many models out there.  However, based on our experience and data from national databases, an average BMW owner should expect to pay between $850 and $1,250 per year in maintenance costs.

An important consideration is these numbers are maintenance, not repair.  Maintenance items would be oil changes, tires, and other recommended services based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Repair. or replacement of other non-maintenance items like your alternator, radiator, or transmission can be very costly.  For example, repairing or replacing a transmission on a BMW would cost between $4,000 and $8,000.

BMW repairs near me
BMW Repairs Near Me

Average BMW Purchase Price

A repair bill of $5,000 may seem like a lot, but it depends on several factors.  For example, if your BMW is paid off, and is in overall good condition, a repair may make sense.  This is especially true of a lower-mileage vehicle.

The average cost to purchase a new BMW 3 Series in 2022 is around $45,000 for a base model.  Although there are advantages of having a new car, your car payments in the first year of ownership alone may be more than the repair you need on your current vehicle.

Your BMW trim level also makes a difference. If you drive a high trim model like an M Model, a repair may make more sense  Because higher trim vehicles hold their value better a new base model may not seem as attractive.

Find a Trusted Repair Shop

Regardless of the make or model of your European vehicle, finding a local, trusted repair shop is key.  Dealership pricing on repairs and maintenance is typically much higher than a local repair shop.  However, you should not trust any mechanic to work on your BMW.  Finding an expert BMW mechanic who has the training and technology to maintain and repair your vehicle will save you time and money in the long run.

When you are looking for this BMW repair shop, make sure to check customer reviews.  Look for 5-star reviews on Google that specifically mention BMWs.  These customer reviews will help you understand the mechanic’s level of expertise with BMW

BMW Near Me

BMW Maintenance is Key

Regardless of whether you ultimately decide to repair your BMW or replace it, maintenance is key.  When you properly maintain your BMW, you can often avoid costly repair bills in the future.  Your BMW is a high-performance European vehicle and needs this care to perform as intended.  By simply adhering to your oil change schedule and other services such as belts and spark plugs, you’ll add years to the life of your new or used BMW.

When your BMW is in for regular service, your mechanic should complete a visual inspection of the rest of the vehicle.  Late model BMWs are known for oil leaks which can create other issues like killing your alternator.  When these problems are identified early, your repair bill will often be less than when they go unaddressed for long periods of time.  Although. you may not opt to fix every minor issue with your BMW at that moment, you’ll be informed about the true health of your vehicle.


Trading in your BMW

If your mechanic has identified several issues that may need repair in the immediate future, it may make more sense to trade in your BMW.  Certain repairs may make sense to complete together.  For example, replacing your timing belt or chain is typically when you also would replace your water pump.  Although completing these repairs together saves you money, the cost of repair may not make sense based on your current vehicle.  This is especially true for higher mileage vehicles that require several repairs and maintenance items all at one time.

BMW Repairs Near Me— Melbourne Motorsports

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We also believe integrity is key.  If we believe your BMW is not worth repairing based on what it needs, we will give you our honest opinion.  This way, you will feel informed when you walk into the dealership to purchase your new BMW.  Remember, we can help. youservice your 2022 BMW as well!

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