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5 Stars - Based on 87 User Reviews

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Achieving A New Level of Clean

European vehicles are known for their luxurious interiors and striking exterior styling. In almost every make and model of modern European cars, it’s clear how much time, effort, and planning went into their interior and exterior design. It’s one of the main reasons European vehicles feel so special — they truly are.

If you own a vehicle like this, you want to make the best effort possible to maintain that beauty, inside and out. Just like other systems and components on your vehicle, the interior and exterior need regular maintenance to keep them at their best. Auto detailing is the way to achieve this goal.

Exterior Auto Detailing - Not Just a Wash

Many people equate exterior auto detailing to washing their car or going through an automatic car wash. In fact, true auto detailing is a much more in-depth, multi-stage process. It’s this attention to detail and level of care that will help your vehicle look amazing for years to come.

The goal of exterior auto detailing is to meet or exceed the original factory finish of the vehicle. Each vehicle we see has its own special needs to create the most desirable results. Generally speaking, the best practices to create and maintain a showroom shine includes:

  • Washing and Drying – Unlike a self-service or automatic car wash, this process is completed by using a high-powered washer to remove debris, shampooing the exterior by hand, rinsing thoroughly, and drying with a soft microfiber cloth. Special attention is paid to areas commonly missed in traditional washes such as the door jambs and rubber trim.
  • Claying – A special clay bar is used on the exterior paint to remove impurities, orange peel, and other residues that are too difficult to remove with normal soap alone.
  • Polishing – Hand polishing helps restore the natural luster of the paint that has faded away over time due to sunlight and other environmental factors.
  • Sealing – Once the paint is polished, it is sealed to help maintain the shine and protect the paint. Oftentimes wax is used, and in recent years ceramic coating has become a popular choice.

And, if your paint has suffered damage beyond the norm from the sun, acid rain, or automatic car washes (to name a few), we contract only the best paint restoration experts in the Space Coast that can have your car looking like new again.


Interior Detailing - Maintaining Luxury

Built with luxurious interiors, a European manufactured vehicle that is decades old could still have a better looking and feeling interior than current domestic models when properly maintained. Interior detailing helps maintain the luxurious cabin of your vehicle. When it comes to detailing the interior of your European car, our team meticulously follows a stringent routine consisting of:

  • Vacuuming – The first step is to use a combination of compressed air to carefully blow out the hard to reach places and then vacuum all surfaces in the vehicle. Special tools are used to reach on the side of seats, into air vents, and even under the dashboard. The goal is to remove all loose dirt and debris.
  • Brushing and Steam Cleaning – The interior carpet and floor mats get an additional treatment with a stream brush to further break down any difficult debris that was unable to be removed during vacuuming. This steam also helps deodorize and remove undesirable smells and stains.
  • Glass Cleaning – All of the glass surfaces are meticulously cleaned to streak-free perfection.
  • Leather Trimming – Leather surfaces are carefully cleaned with premium leather cleaner, then wiped down, and conditioned. Our goal is to not only clean the leather but also to help ensure its suppleness and avoid cracking in the future.
  • Vacuuming and Wiping – Yes, vacuuming again! All of the steps since the first pass have likely created more debris, so all surfaces are cleaned again thoroughly.
  • Perfuming – The last step is to leave an amazing scent in the vehicle that makes it feel brand new.

Your Space Coast Resource

Auto detailing is incredibly important to help protect the interior and exterior surfaces of your vehicle that are exposed to the most wear and tear, environmental conditions, and human interaction. By properly detailing your European vehicle, the luxurious interior and striking exterior will look amazing for years to come!

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