Audi Service Melbourne FL

When you are online searching for “Audi Service Melbourne FL”, typical dealer options and ads are all you see.  However, it is not always in your best interest to have you vehicle services at a dealership.  Melbourne Motorsports is your Audi Dealership Alternative on the Space Coast!

The Truth About Servicing Your Audi

It’s no secret the cost of ownership is higher for Audi than many other brands.  This is why it’s so important to ensure you are sticking to regular vehicle maintenance.  You can check out our last article to learn more about the specifics of servicing your Audi.  Today, we’re going to dig into why an independent shop like Melbourne Motorsports is a often a better choice when compared with getting service completed at a dealership.

Although we’ll be discussing the Audi dealer is not always the best choice for service, it’s important to note there are a few instances when the dealership is in fact the right choice.  Typically, these instances are limited to when there is a defect from the manufacturer.  Repairs that are covered under a factory warranty at no cost to you, or a recall on your vehicles are two examples.

However, if your Audi breaks down and you are outside of your factory warranty, an independent shop may be the perfect choice for you.  Read on  to learn what sets independent shops like Melbourne Motorsports apart from Audi dealerships.

Overall costs of repair

Dealerships in general  are notorious for high repair bills.  Audi is no exception, and is in fact one of the most expensive brands to own.  But why are dealership repair costs so high?  It comes down to three basic reasons: Overhead, high labor costs, and OEM parts.

Audi dealerships are typically nice places to be.  They have flashy show rooms, a nice waiting area, and of course gorgeous new Audis to look at.  However, all of this luxury comes at a cost.  Because of the high expenses a dealership has sales and repairs are simply more expensive so they can keep the doors open.  

Dealerships also only used OEM parts from the factory, even if there are OEM quality (and in many cases better than OEM) parts available at a lower cost.  Independent shops can offer OEM parts, but also can give you options for trust OEM quality parts that are still have warranties.  This helps keep your overall costs of repairs down.

Repairs Done Right

As we just stated, labor costs at dealerships are higher than independent shops.  Part of this cost is the salary paid to factory trained technicians who work on your Audi.  Although they are factory trained, many techs have very little real world experience.  This lack of experience comes at a cost to you, in both time and money.  

At Melbourne Motorsports, our techs have undergone the same factory training, but have decades of real world experience serving all European makes models, including Audi.  This allows a tech to use their know how to diagnose and repair your issues faster, the first time.

The same is true for general maintenance and service.  Independent shops want to get your job down right quickly the first time, whereas dealerships are in no rush to get you out the door.  In fact, if you stay long enough you may just leave with a new car!

Direct communication

At the dealership, you have to deal with multiple departments with layers of employees in each.  This sometimes makes it difficult to communicate your needs or concerns to the right people.  Additionally, this means a tech may need to run a question or wait for approval for a repair from multiple people in the dealership.

When you work with an locally owned and operated shop like Melbourne Motorsports, you’re directly interacting with the owner of the business.  This allows for excellent communication and fast decisions to get you back on the road quickly.

Audi Service Melbourne Fl

Service for Audi Vehicles Completed By Trained Mechanics

Melbourne Motorsports is the Space Coast’s premier dealer alternative for servicing your Audi.  We work on all makes and models, including classics.  As European vehicle owners and enthusiasts ourselves, we know what it will take to properly maintain and service your Audi.  Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Audi Service Melbourne FL — Melbourne Motorsports

There are times it make sense to bring your Audi back to the dealership for repair, but more times than not a locally owned shop is the better choice.  At Melbourne Motorsports, we’re the premier dealer alternative on the Space Coast for all makes and models of Audis.  We’ll save you both time and money while ensuring you experience is as enjoyable as possible.  We truly care about our customers, and really believe every customer we are servicing is the most important!  Next time you are searching online for “Audi service Melbourne FL” look past the ads and the hype, and give a local, family owned business a shot!

Contact us today to schedule an appointment and be sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for the latest in all things European cars!

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